La Fresca Rosa, Galway Early Music Festival, May 2021

‘This concert’s centrepiece, Barbara Strozzi’s heartbreaking Lagrime Mie, was the highlight of the concert and close to the highlight of the whole festival. Strozzi’s music is exceptional to begin with: the opening a tearful, sustained high note, delicate ornamentation causing it to tremble and sob – a knot in the stomach; later, chromatic notes twist the knot. But the performance was just as good, with some superb choices in terms of timbre and ornamentation; Kenny’s voice by turns delicate, passionate and declamatory, and the harpsichord occasionally stepping aside for theorbo guitar accompaniment, drawing the music to a more personal, intimate place.

Brendan Finan, The Journal of Music

Bach and before, Resurgam, Cork Choral Festival, May 2021

‘Siobhán Armstrong’s plucked harp strings blended with the ethereal soprano voices of Aisling Kenny and Charlotte Trepess in Monteverdi’s setting of the Song of Solomon would make a cynic believe in angels.’

Cathy Desmond, Irish Examiner

St Matthew Passion, Eastbourne, February 2018

‘Irish soprano Aisling Kenny showed off a glorious top register, crystal clear and
ringing, delighting the audience.’

Carol Mounter, Eastbourne Herald

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